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Ash trees on our Trail

The Ash trees in our subdivision have been treated yearly for Emerald Ash Bore (EAB) infestations. This year it was discovered that we now also have Lilac Ash Bore (LAB) infestations. Both are wood boring insects that slowly kill the tree.

Two tree maintenance companies were contacted to review and provide their recommendations. Both arborist from these companies recommended the same: all ash trees be removed. The cost to treat for EAB and LAB on these trees on an annual basis over the next five years will exceed to cost to remove them.

Due to the cost of removal, stump grinding and new trees which will be very costly, the Board will complete this in phases over time. The ash trees on the trail have the most damage so that is where we will start. You may see this work going on the trail by SavATree (formerly Swingle) in early November. They will initially do the removal and stump grind. New tree planting would occur in the late Spring.

Last modified on July 13th, 2020 at 3:53 pm