St. Vrain Ranch
Property Owners Association


The budget was reviewed and approved at the regular November Board meeting. The Board of Directors would like to invite association members to attend the St. Vrain Ranch Property Owners Association Budget Ratification Meeting on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Carbon Valley Library in the small meeting room.

NOTE: The December meeting has been changed from the normal Wednesday night to Thursday night.

The 2019 annual assessments will be increasing to $300. The increase in assessments is necessary to meet budget requirements for maintenance and operating expenses. Expenses have increased steadily each year and the Association has been able to manage without increasing assessments for the past 6 years. Despite efforts to continue to maintain costs, the Association will need to increase the annual assessment to $300 in order to continue to balance the budget.

Please see the Fall 2018 news letter for additional details about the budget and other news.

Roof Repairs / Replacements Post Hail Damage

Roof replacements require a Design Review (DR) Request Form be submitted for approval, the same as any other exterior improvement. If you are replacing same color just mark roofing and write same color. When re-roofing with the same color, you may submit your DR request form by e-mail. If you decide to change the color of your roofing material, please mail the DR request form along with the color sample from the shingle brochure to the mailing address noted on the DR request form.

Information from Board of Directors

Vacant Gas Well Lots in St. Vrain Ranch

The St. Vrain Ranch Property Owners Association is aware of a developer who has purchased two well sites within the subdivision. The developer will need to present their development proposal to the Firestone Planning Commission and eventually to the Firestone Town Board for approval. The Association is not aware of the final development plans or timing for the presentation with the commission at this time.

St. Vrain Ranch Assessments 2018

The 2018 assessments will remain the same at $260. Payment will be due by April 1, 2018. Assessments will be invoiced to all property owners at the beginning of the year 2018. This year a payment option will be available to make ½ payments, which will be due April 1st and October 1st with a $10 service charge.

Payments may be made by using a credit or debit card with your PayPal account. Access the Paypal payment options are located on the Association web site. Pay Now

All payments may be remitted to the Association by paying in full or installments. If you choose to pay a partial payment, an installment fee of $10 per payment has been included. Your property assessments may be paid using the following payment plan options:

  • 1 – Payment in full of $260.00 due by 4/1/18
  • ½ payments of $140.00 each due by 4/1/18 and 10/1/18

Thank you for your membership in the St. Vrain Ranch Property Owners Association.

As stated in the fine policy a late charge of $25 per month will be assessed to each account for payments that are 30 days late and will accrue on a monthly basis. The Late Fee of $25 will be assessed to each month that payment is late. We wish to thank all property owners who pay these Assessments in a timely manner. This enables the Association to financially function and pay expenses on time. If you have questions or concerns regarding your account invoice, please feel free to contact the Association Administrator under the contact us tab.

Design Review Requests

Design Review Requests for Painting or re-painting house colors need to be pre-approved.

Please evaluate the exterior paint maintenance of your home, you may use the samples shown here to verify paint requirements.

All backyard landscaping and fencing are required to be installed no later than one year following your closing date.

Please submit Design Review (DR) Requests to the Design Review Committee before starting any improvements. DR forms may be obtained at Design Review Form

Requests may be mailed to:

St. Vrain Ranch P.O.A.
P.O. Box 810
Firestone, CO 80520.

Faxed to: 303-485-2033

Emailed to:designreview@stvrainranchpoa.org